Major Reasons Why Your Company Needs An SEO Audit

If you simply freaked out hearing the word audit, just relax. We are talking about SEO audit and this involves no arrest. An SEO Audit from a company like New Orleans SEO is certainly an essential process. It will help you empower your business real time. You can see some actionable insights too. Here are a few excuses to convince your team to invest in an SEO Audit:

Holistic Analysis Of Your Site

If you wish to know where your current traffic stands in the industry benchmarks, you need an SEO Audit. Overall health audits include analyzing the internal linking structure, site map, citations, social media profiles and so on. On a simple note, this is about checking how the traffic you have gained is assisted by your technical strength. Here is a tip – The site load time marks as the key factor to ensure the SEO performs well. This general health assessment will find out the potential problems your SEO team or provider should take into consideration for further investigation.

Penalties – The Red Flags

You need to know if there are any SEO practice you have done and that affected your ranking. Most people go for the same only after they find no results or something hazardous happening as in reputation issues. However, a wise choice is to go for an SEO Audit from a leading company like the New Orleans SEO before you get into trouble and hurt your ranking. SEO practices change from time to time but one constant reason for the downfall of your website ranking could possibly be the spammy links you purchased.

Competitive Audits

Ranking – that is all we are striving for. If you do not get an audit to analyze if your website has stacked up in the competition, then it is of no use trying so hard. If you have made use of the best SEO provider in the town, get an audit done and ensure the effort was all worth it.

You can also get an audit to make sure if there are possibilities of penalties or a negative attack on your website. Maybe, it is time to get some expert advice to improve.

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