Ball Valves

The GWC Valve company is a manufacturer and a supplier of valves and they are in place to provide a full range of products for different industries include the oil and gas industry, the power industry, the chemical industry, the exploration and production industry, the mining and minerals industry and as well as the petrochemical industry. Not every valve can withstand the certain materials and substances that each of these industries are using or extracting therefore they have a range of valves to accommodate these different industries. There are different valves such as Globe Valves, Check Valves, Needle and Gauge Valves, Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves and one of the most commonly bought the Ball Valves.

Ball valves are one of the best sellers since they are a form of quarter-turn valve and how it works is it uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball to control the flow of substance or liquid through the valve. It gets opened when the ball’s hole is in line with the flow and then it closes when it is pivoted 90 degrees by the valve handle. The handle lies flat and it is aligned with the flow when it is opened and is perpendicular when it is closed. When it comes to ball valves in particular, they are known to be very reliable, durable and can perform very well after many cycles of usage and can close securely even after a long period of usage. They are used primarily for shutoff and control applications where they are often preferred over Globe and Gate valves. The only thing that this valve is lacking compared to other valves is their fine control during throttling applications. This valve is versatile to extensive industrial use and it can actually support pressure from up to 1000 bar and temperatures up to 752 degrees F and 400 degree C, depending on the materials used.

There are different types of ball valves such as trunnion, v port, multiport, cavity filler and reduced port or reduced bore valves.

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