Making a Lasting Impression with a Golf Bag

Golf is a one of those fascinating games with which you can fall in love at the age of 3 and continue playing it up until the age 93 or more. An interesting fact is that golf is believed to be the only sport played on moon and ISS. So, now you wouldn’t have any issues with me saying it truly is a universal sport, do you?

The more you play this fascinating sport, the more sensitive you become towards its accessories, especially the golf bag. The golf accessories you choose not only represent your gaming technique, but also express the precise tone for who you are as a gamer.

Likewise, the golf bags you choose are no exception. Your bag not only plays an important role in improving the comfort of your game, but also sends a subtle message to your fellow golfers and spectators regarding your capabilities and attitude in the game of golf.

Purchasing a golf bag is vital for the game. It is that ‘necessary evil’ that lets you carry all your equipment required for the game. Though the golf bag has zero impact on your score, it definitely can make your golfing experience comfortable and a lot more enjoyable.

It is for this reason that so much of stress is given while deciding on a golf bag. While deciding on your golf bag, the most important thing that you must consider is the size of the bag. The golf bags are broadly classified into 3 basic categories.

Tour Bags

The very first one is known as the tour bags; some even call them as staff bags. Now these bags are mainly used by professionals. Top brands usually offer these bags to professionals to endorse their brand name.

Cart Bags

The next type of bag would be a cart bag. These are smaller in size when compared to the above one. They are not meant for carrying; rather as the name suggests, they must be placed in a golf cart.

Carry Bag

The last but not the least comes the carry bag or golf stand. Now, this one is the most versatile one when compared to the other two. They may be carried or even placed on a cart.

The first impression is the last impression, they say. So, make sure to leave a lasting impression with a classy golf bag and an excellent game. If you want to read some unbiased golf bag reviews, then you can check out the website:

TenTips on How ToConvertMS SQL QueriestoMySQL

Anytime youdecide onmovingdatabasesfromMS SQL toMySQLserver, it is idealto convertMS SQL queriesin accordance withMySQLsyntaxalso. Syntaxof SQL queriesinMS SQL andMySQLare the samebutdifferentin theiruniqueness. In this article, we willdiscussmore aboutthe 10most populardistinctionsbetweenMS SQL andMySQLsyntax.

It is assumedthat thetarget audiencethat will beusing thisguideought to havebasicdatabaseadministrationexperience and knowledgein writing SQL queries.

1) At times, theMS SQL tableorcolumnnamesaresurroundedinsquarebracketsinqueries (e.g. ifcontainsspacesor forsome otherreasons). MySQLdoesn’tpermitsquarebracketsaroundtableofcolumnnames, all of themhas to besubstitutedby ` symbolorcut off: [object] -> `object`.

2) MS SQL offersefficientsolution topreventlabelingobjectsconflictas well asmanageuserpermissionsondataaccess. This is schema, alogiccontainerthat is used togroupobjectswith similar semantics inside thesingledatabase.When use schemas,the fullnamereferencingdatabaseobjectinquerywilllook likeschema.object. However, there is nosuch semantic inMySQL, so all schema namesmust becut offfromqueries or treated as part of object name enclosed in MySQL quotes `schema.object`.

3) CONVERT() functionconvertsan expressionfrom onedatatypeto anotherinMS SQL. InMySQLCONVERT() functionconvertstextdatabetweendifferentcharactersets. However, there isequivalentfunctionCAST(), soeachentryof ‘convert(%type%, %expression%)’inMS SQL querymust bereplaced by ‘cast(%expression% AS %type%)’inMySQLquery.

4) LEN() functionreturnslength ofstringexpressioninMS SQL. MySQLequivalentfor this functionisLENGTH().

5) MS SQL functionDATEADD() addsintervalto thespecifiedpart of thedate. MySQLoperator ‘+’ can dothe same asfollows:

DATEADD(date_interval,  1, date_expression) ->date_expression + interval1 date_expression

6) GETDATE() functionreturnsthe currentsystemdate and timeinMS SQL. MySQLequivalentfor this functionis NOW().

7) MS SQL operator ‘+’ allowsto concatenate stringslike this: ‘string1’ + ‘string2’. InMySQLsuchexpressionsmust bereplaced byCONCAT(‘string1’, ‘string2’).

8) MS SQL functionCONTAINS(expression, template) searches formatchesoftemplateinsideexpression. MySQLhasoperatorLIKE thatimplementsthe same semantics: expressionLIKE %template%

9) pattern’TOP (100) PERCENT’ from MS SQL querymust becut offwhenconverting intoMySQLformat. If there isanotherpercentagevaluein thatpattern, it can bereplaceby thefollowingcodeinMySQL (worksinMySQL5.0.7and higher):

SET @row_count=(SELECTCOUNT(*) FROMtable_name) *percentage_amount/10;

PREPARE STMT FROM ‘original_queryFROMtable_nameLIMIT ?’;


10) SyntaxofJOINconstructionsare verysimilarinMS SQL andMySQL, just replacekeyword ‘WHERE’ by ‘ON’ inthe resulting query. For example:

‘… table1CROSSJOIN table2WHERE condition’

must betranslatedinto

‘… table1CROSSJOIN table2ON condition’

11) MS SQL function charindex(exp1, exp2) must bereplacedLOCATE(exp1, exp2)

OtherarticlescoveringtopicsonMS SQL, MySQLas well as other databases are available at

Providing Reasonable Notice for Dismissal

For the online reputation management New York company it is important for them to understand that they need to provide reasonable notice for dismissal before laying someone off. Most employees that get hired are hired under a  implied contract with the understanding that employment is for an indefinite period of time and can be terminated by either party at any time when reasonable notice is given.

There is something called wrongful dismissal which is when an employee dismissal doesn’t comply with a written or implied contractual arrangement. There is several group termination laws that require an employer to notify employees in the event that they end up deciding to terminate a group of employees. When an employee gets terminated, they have different options such as suing the company for wrongful dismissal if the notice is not acceptable and if the notice is given at a reasonable amount of time the employer cannot be sued for wrongful dismissal of the employee. There is also constructive dismissal, which is another form of dismissal that usually occurs when an employee makes changes in the employment contract that are recognized and unacceptable according to the employer even through the employee hasn’t been formally terminated. When it comes to employment status, the most common change is considered to be constructive dismissal include reduction in pay and benefits, demotion, forced resignation, forced transfer, forced early retirement, and changes in jobs duties and responsibilities. What some organizations don’t understand is that there are several ways to avoid wrongful dismissals and lawsuits and this is by doing many performance evaluation throughout a year or every few months so that if you need to dismiss someone, you have a reason to due to their evaluation and behavior. Many employees will try to sue a company for things like their gender, sexual orientation, age and other protected grounds and if a wrongful dismissal suit is made, employers always have the right to offer mediation as an option or even a settlement to save time and money for both parties.

Ball Valves

The GWC Valve company is a manufacturer and a supplier of valves and they are in place to provide a full range of products for different industries include the oil and gas industry, the power industry, the chemical industry, the exploration and production industry, the mining and minerals industry and as well as the petrochemical industry. Not every valve can withstand the certain materials and substances that each of these industries are using or extracting therefore they have a range of valves to accommodate these different industries. There are different valves such as Globe Valves, Check Valves, Needle and Gauge Valves, Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves and one of the most commonly bought the Ball Valves.

Ball valves are one of the best sellers since they are a form of quarter-turn valve and how it works is it uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball to control the flow of substance or liquid through the valve. It gets opened when the ball’s hole is in line with the flow and then it closes when it is pivoted 90 degrees by the valve handle. The handle lies flat and it is aligned with the flow when it is opened and is perpendicular when it is closed. When it comes to ball valves in particular, they are known to be very reliable, durable and can perform very well after many cycles of usage and can close securely even after a long period of usage. They are used primarily for shutoff and control applications where they are often preferred over Globe and Gate valves. The only thing that this valve is lacking compared to other valves is their fine control during throttling applications. This valve is versatile to extensive industrial use and it can actually support pressure from up to 1000 bar and temperatures up to 752 degrees F and 400 degree C, depending on the materials used.

There are different types of ball valves such as trunnion, v port, multiport, cavity filler and reduced port or reduced bore valves.

Business tech trends set to takeover 2017

Nowadays, technology is one of the main drivers for the development and growth of businesses. With the arrival of new technological innovations and trends, companies are gradually changing all of their business processes in order to take full advantage of the power of technology. Syntax IT Support outlines the 5 hottest business tech trends set to takeover 2017, to give you a head start and prepare you for what awaits you this year.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is the ability of the computer to think and act based on prior knowledge whereas machine learning is composed of all the algorithms to make this possible. These innovative technologies can make the communication between businesses and customers a lot easier through automating it. While this trend is not fully developed yet, it is expected that it will soon be part of a lot of industries. For example, online retail transactions may be executed through the use of a chat bot that would match customers to the best outfit for them based on their previous purchases.

  • Bring your own devices (BYOD)

‘Bring your own devices’ is another trend in the world of business technology that is quickly growing in popularity. It was predicted that by 2017, almost half of all the businesses around the world will support this trend, requiring all employees to provide their own device to work. There are some crucial benefits that this trend could bring to companies. For example, employees are often more comfortable using their own technology which can result in higher productivity. In addition, companies do not have to spend large amounts of money on hardware and device maintenance. However, on the other hand, allowing so much flexibility can result in more vulnerable data. For instance, a stolen personal device can give criminals an easy access to all the business information.

  • Working remotely

Nowadays, with the advanced technology, employees have the possibility of working from anywhere in the world and still having access to all the company data they need. The use of cloud operating systems makes data storage and sharing so much easier. This way, whether employees are in the office or away, all they need in order to work efficiently is a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, working remotely is often a way to save money on providing real estate and expanding the company’s talent pool to international regional boundaries. What’s more, this would also save employees the time and money spent on travelling and could help them be more concentrated on their work.

  • Growth of e-commerce

The growing world of e-commerce means that if your company is not present online, the chances are that your customers would choose one of your competitors. According to a research, e-commerce sales are expected to go over $4 trillion by 2020. Most of all, the use of mobile phones to browse the Web is growing at an incredible speed which means that businesses would have to be able to integrate their offerings with mobile platforms to be able to compete in the market. Developing an app for your business would give you the opportunity of better connecting with your customers. Moreover, with the quick development of this trend, you could not go wrong investing in mobile e-commerce.

  • Platform business models

Platform business models are those that are based on providing exchanges between businesses and consumers. An example could be Uber, which connects taxi drivers with people who need taxi services. The consumer demand for immediacy drives the existence of these business models as they make products and services more easily accessible. In addition, this business model can be very attractive due to the low capital cost required to set it up. Furthermore, due to the rising consumer demand, these businesses have an ability to grow and develop very fast.

Vocation Spotlight – Accounting Information Systems and Technology

In the course of the most recent couple of years, bookkeeping data innovation has been twisted at an enormous pace. Prior the bookkeeping procedure was controlled by expensive centralized server PCs. These PCs were modified by particular data framework staff, yet today it has now been changed to available and fused web based frameworks. Today the aptitudes and capacities fundamental for the bookkeeper incorporate the best possible information of utilization and blend of I.T. into the bookkeeping procedure. Adding to this, nowadays many organizations are searching for bookkeepers who likewise have an appropriate information of administrative and money related bookkeeping standards. Truth be told, today every association is searching for bookkeepers who know about today’s frameworks. This is the place vocation in bookkeeping data frameworks and innovation come into the photo.

The AISs and Technology is a field of practically boundless rewards and difficulties. Nowadays it is a standout amongst the most favored vocation alternatives that are pulling the considerations of numerous understudies. It is one of only a handful few profession choices in the bookkeeping area that essentially guarantees that all money related data inside an organization stream precisely and convenient. Being a graduate in bookkeeping data framework and innovation, an understudy has an alternative to make profession as database overseer or even programming specialist.

As far as pay, the calling offer chances to win a decent pay. As per late information yearly the middle wage for a graduate in bookkeeping data frameworks and innovation ranges from $119,791 to $158,757 per annum. Other than this, a bookkeeping data framework pro can acquire $47,500 to $69,000 every year. However, on occasion, these compensation information may change contingent upon area of organization or the measure of the organization. Besides, as of late, the necessity of experts in this related field has expanded marvelously. According to the most recent reviews, made by the U.S. Branch of Labor, the occupation prospects of for those holding a bookkeeping data framework degree is relied upon to develop at a quicker rate than the normal work by the year 2014. Aside from this, numerous present bookkeepers are moving toward retirement age, which thusly plainly show the need of more experts in this field.

In this way, at this point in the event that you are looking forward making a vocation in this field, gaining a degree in AIS can control you the correct way. Today there are numerous colleges in the United Sates offering Accounting Information Systems and Technology courses. The course can give you an awesome help to learn and know more about the diverse business capacities beginning from budgetary answering to administrative or cost bookkeeping. The program may help you in upgrading your aptitudes in big business asset arranging framework and bookkeeping data framework. In basic terms, it is a course that can help you take in more about use of data frameworks for the most part utilized as a part of the field of bookkeeping.

Innovation Jobs That Will Survive in Weak Economic Times

Web engineers, fashioners, illustrators, implanted frameworks, semiconductor, informing experts, and JAVA designers are probably going to be popular in 2009.

The monetary emergency is sending nerves all around the world, particularly to the individuals who are searching for money related, advertising, production line and even innovation employments. Since many organizations are influenced by the credit crunch, work openings will be rare in the coming years. Be that as it may, regardless of the possibility that numerous enterprises have as of now cut employments, individuals who work in the innovation segment, especially in data innovation, ought not be that stressed. In this way, on the off chance that you are one of the numerous who are looking for work in the innovation part, underneath are a few employments that won’t be particularly influenced by the monetary issues.

Numerous specialists trust that data innovation employments are not going to be drastically influenced by the money related issues that are confronting many organizations. Indeed, there might even be expanded work openings in this segment, as organizations will search for approaches to improve effectiveness with regards to information stockpiling, quality confirmation, and other IT administrations. Be that as it may, the future may not look as blushing for boss data officers and other senior supervisors in the IT business. On the off chance that you are holding such position, you may encounter either a compensation slice or end because of redundancies in your occupation.

A portion of the data innovation employments that will stay strong in spite of the credit crunch are in PC programming, testing and frameworks investigation, IT administrations, and innovation improvement areas. Keep in mind that positions in such parts will be accessible in IT organizations as well as even in partnerships in different businesses. Remember that practically every business depends on PCs and advanced innovation. In this way, it is very inconceivable for an organization to just close its IT division just to save money on cash. In this way, organizing engineers, IT executives, PC bolster experts, specialized bolster experts and PC developers require not stress over their occupations until further notice.

Innovation occupations that are connected to the Internet are likewise not particularly influenced by the financial emergency. Truth be told, many trust that the interest for Internet experts will increment exponentially as an ever increasing number of organizations will depend on the World Wide Web for cost-effective approaches to market and offer their administrations and items. Web engineers, architects, artists, inserted frameworks, semiconductor, informing experts, and JAVA designers are quite recently a portion of the positions that might be accessible one year from now. To see leaving employment opportunities in these fields make sure to visit innovation work loads up like Tech Career Direct. Additionally, there are different positions in the IT business that might hold less specialized sets of expectations yet will likewise be popular one year from now. These occupation positions incorporate client bolster, consultancy, promoting, and deals.

Settle on the Right Internet Choices With 4G Wireless

Those at the front line of new innovations may have a grip on precisely how rapidly it is progressing, however whatever is left of us are pretty much made up for lost time in the hurricane. Consistently some new advancement hits the market, and a significant part of the world isn’t exactly done making sense of how to use the last huge thing! With this in with the new out with the old, many individuals are deserted in the clean, not certain precisely where to go next for innovations like the web. Many individuals might know that there are more alternatives out there than any time in recent memory, similar to dial up, satellite web, DSL, link, and 4G remote web, yet they won’t not make certain which one is the best decision for them, or which one is even achievable in their general vicinity. Web innovation is not generally accessible, and not every one of suppliers’ administrations were made equivalent. A few suppliers are superior to anything others in specific regions, and the best web access won’t not accompany the best supplier. How, then, can a man pick?

The most ideal approach to start is by taking a seat and delineating a couple key focuses about web utilization. To start with, make a rundown of the considerable number of sites and exercises you participate in on the web. Consider on the off chance that you regularly book travel or shop on the web, on the off chance that you speak with companions or family by means of visit or video informing, in the event that you jump at the chance to do online crosswords, or basically need to check your email once every day, or regardless of the possibility that you get a kick out of the chance to play live activity computer games. There are individuals out there, shockingly enough, for whom it bodes well to spend just $5 – $10 a month for a dial up association with check their messages once per day or once every other day, and basically do some light perusing. There are others, notwithstanding, that could utilize an update. Consider how much time you spend sitting tight for recordings to load, or documents to download. On the off chance that this works out to over a hour seven days, then it’s an ideal opportunity to consider moving up to a broadband administration.

The following fundamental indicate consider is the place you utilize the web. On the off chance that you just utilize the web (or need all things considered) at home, then a steady LAN association may work fine and dandy. In any case, in the event that you are out on the town amid the day and are every now and again utilizing Wi-Fi associations then it may be a smart thought to run with something like a 4G remote system that permits you to interface your tablet to broadband velocities from anyplace, whenever. Obviously, the catch here is that the administration must be accessible in your general vicinity. Shockingly, numerous urban focuses, from little to extensive, are as of now shrouded so if all else fails, take online to discover off!

Excel With Satellite Internet Broadband

Imagine that your surroundings is keeping you down? Lamentably, regardless of at which phase of your life you are in this may be the situation. A kid may wind up being named as a conduct issue or be determined to have learning incapacities when that tyke is quite not being tested rationally but rather an underachieving school, a qualified laborer will be unable to get an advancement due to a refusal to get required in degenerate office legislative issues, or an artist might not have any desire to play corporate melodies just to get on a name. Some of the time remaining genuine and keeping up honesty wind up being much more significant than here and now achievement, however as opposed to commending a man’s capacity to go about all things considered society for the most part deserts the respectable in the tidy. On the off chance that you need to stay aware of the universe of data today, for instance, and live in a provincial or remote zone, then good fortunes. The main choice for you, in reality as we know it where numerous autos have DVD players and even a few transports have fast Wi-Fi, is dialup web. At the point when earthbound broadband organizations like DSL and link suppliers quit amplifying their systems, many individuals abandon fast web. Anybody attempting to flourish in this environment whether in business, training or basically correspondence genuinely has an obstacle before them, making the playing field extremely uncalled for. With satellite web broadband be that as it may, it’s conceivable to get a fast, last mile, broadband association anyplace the nation over.

Individuals like where they live, and don’t need the web to be the reason they need to move to a zone they don’t especially like. Be that as it may, when there is next to zero innovative framework in a range, not by any means rapid web, the decisions are really restricted. That is the reason it’s so essential for groups to think of answers for all individuals that include not making due with dialup web, but rather springing for rapid broadband web. Satellite web might be all the more exorbitant while getting set up, however over the long haul the cost of growing up without a web association are significantly all the more crushing. About all schools and colleges utilize the web as a noteworthy wellspring of data associated to the libraries, as well as planning and private email and correspondences systems. Today, numerous teachers compose their courses on the web. There are not very many organizations that capacity without conveying and being on the web all the time, and even less that don’t require a man to utilize a PC consistently. Have a go at remaining in contact with loved ones while never touching a PC, and you start to perceive any reason why rapid web is not only an extravagance, but rather a need in the realm of today.

Try not to let your rustic or remote area be a boundary to innovation any more. Begin getting a charge out of rapid satellite web broadband when you like with a brisk telephone call or trek on the web. With satellite web, the world can be readily available when your web originates from space!